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Senior Patrol Leader Election

Posted on Apr 22 2015 - 8:45am

Troop 457: You've been hearing about it for weeks now and this your final reminder. If you are interested to run for the SPL position for the coming year, you need to speak to me by the close of the April 22nd troop meeting.  The election will be held at our troop meeting on April 29th. The new SPL  will take office on June 1st after a month of shadowing our current SPL to get a feel for the job. Following the balloting, we will have a presentation for White Buffalo,  BSA's youth leadership training. See you all Wednesday! Yours in Scouting, Mr. Wilson

April "Alternative" Campout

Posted on Apr 22 2015 - 8:45am

Troop 457 April Campout @ Camp Scouthaven: (aka the “alternative” campout) Friday April 24th to Sunday April 26th, 2015. The campout where (almost) anything goes! Scouts, Scouters and parents are invited to come and have fun learning & experimenting with alternative fire building, alternative cooking, and alternative shelter techniques. What makes it “alternative,” you might ask – well, we’ll be exploring ways of doing things at camp that are not what we typically do as a troop. More info and permission slip found here...

Personal Management MB

Posted on Apr 22 2015 - 8:45am

To all those that are working on their Personal Management Merit Badge…. Please choose one of the dates below that it is convenient for you to get together and let me know what time works for you:

Music MB

Posted on Apr 21 2015 - 11:53am

For those of  you that are working on your music merit badge….  

Boreanaz Eagle Project

Posted on Apr 21 2015 - 11:50am

Thank you for coming and helping me out with my project. I will not need help Sunday unless the crew wants to help for a little bit. If you want to help come at 4. Thank you for helping me with my eagle project. - Blake

Upcoming OA Events

Posted on Apr 21 2015 - 11:36am

Brothers: Spring Ordeal weekends are coming up - May 1-3 at Camp Stonehaven and June 19-21 at Camp Schoellkopf. We will have at least 1 ordeal candidate at each of these weekends. Please come out and support the brothers from our troop and our camps at one or both weekends.  Camp Schoellkopf especially needs our help since that is the big summer camp tent set up. Those that did their ordeal last spring (or earlier) are strongly encouraged to go out for brotherhood at one of these weekends. A few brothers from the troop have already committed to attending both of these weekends.

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